11/8/16, 11:06
Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness

"Insanely good customer service"

Kathryn S.

8/7/2017, 13:31
Customer Service, Other, Quality

From the time of arrival I felt very comfortable. All of the personnel treated me with respect and were very professional. Thanks

​Hector M.

12/13/16, 12:21

Customer Service, Offerings, Quality, Timeliness

"distributor re-curve worked great"

​David J.

8/31/2017, 07:29
Customer Service, Quality

Everyone at facility was so helpful from the very first visit. I really appreciate the honesty and keeping me updated with all the work being preformed on our Corvette. Very professional and what a wonderful place of business. Thank you 😊

​Hector M.

If you would like to give us a review or feedback for our service,  please use the above "Get in Touch" form.  

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Modern Classics

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Phone:     503-783-6444

E-mail: Use form to the right

7/6/17, 10:42​
Customer Service, Offerings, Quality, Timeliness

"Seemed like the car drove smoother on the way home. It was probably saying "aaaah" Thank you!"

​Susan C.


I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the service that I received on my Trans Am. I came in to have a leaky radiator repaired. I had to have a new radiator installed with new hoses and all came out beautifully. What I really thought was outstanding service was the help I received after the job was completed. I picked up my car and was ready to bring it home and It would not start. Luckily, Terry and Joe took the time and patience to work though the problem, which turned out to be dirty spark plugs, and got it started and got me on my way. I really appreciated both of them going the extra mile and I have the utmost respect of their abilities. Needless to say, I will be bring my car in for new spark plugs soon. Thanks for looking after my car, it is always in good hands when I bring it in!

Vincent M.

Customer Comments 

AUTO service
17725 SW Pacific Highway Tualatin OR 97062 US

11/11/2019 16:31
Customer Service, Quality, Timeliness

Steve was great to work with. He really knows his way around an engine bay. He quickly diagnosed the problems made numerous recommendations on how to improve engine performance and constantly kept me informed on his progress.What I got was a very professional job and a car that is a blast to drive again. Thanks to you and your crew Steve for a job well done.

​Jeff P.

10/5/16, 22:58
Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness

"Thanks Steve for all the great advise on what car to look into."

​Patricia W.

7/11/17, 17:44
Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness

"What a great group of folks. You do a fantastic job on all fronts, and rears."

Larry G.

7/20/2017, 13:48
Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness

"Steve and Michele have a great Classic Car restoration service. But if all you need is repair service...you found the right place. Steve and his techs did a wonderful job dialing in the carburetor, lights and lots of other things that make the car so much more enjoyable.They love GM products...If you have a classic car in your garage that needs attention...better call Modern Classics." 

Bob B.

Our Annual Coat drive has begun.  Please feel free to stop by the shop during business hours Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 4:00 pm to drop off new/gently used coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. to help "Keep Portland Warm".  Transition Projects will be the charity that receives these gifts. 

Thank you!


​We are open with restrictions:

• Please enter through the front door and exit through the side door.  Social distance space of 6' is marked appropriately on the floor.  Masks are required.

• Only two customers at a time in the lobby.

• We are working our schedule so that if waiting for vehicle repairs is needed only 1 customer is waiting at a time.

• Lobby is sanitized after each customer departs.

Shuttle service is cancelled.

Thank you for your patience while we take appropriate measures to protect you and our employees.