Our Annual Coat drive has begun.  Please feel free to stop by the shop during business hours Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 4:00 pm to drop off new/gently used coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. to help "Keep Portland Warm".  Transition Projects will be the charity that receives these gifts. 

Thank you!


Repairs & Upgrades

Exhaust systems, headers, intakes, carbs, suspension, cooling system, electrical


​We are open with restrictions:

• Please enter through the front door and exit through the side door.  Social distance space of 6' is marked appropriately on the floor.  Masks are required.

• Only two customers at a time in the lobby.

• We are working our schedule so that if waiting for vehicle repairs is needed only 1 customer is waiting at a time.

• Lobby is sanitized after each customer departs.

Shuttle service is cancelled.

Thank you for your patience while we take appropriate measures to protect you and our employees.

Roll Bar Fabrication

Fabricate and install roll bars in track and race cars.
17725 SW Pacific Highway Tualatin OR 97062 US

Race Track Preparation

Road course/track day & auto-cross inspections, adjustments & repairs

Customer Supplied Performance Parts

We gladly install customer supplied performance parts at a labor rate of $140 per hour.  We will invoice for additional labor time for incorrect or ill fitting parts supplied by the customer.  There is no warranty on parts or labor when supplied by customer.

AUTO service


Adjustments, Repair, Overhaul & Tuning.  GM LSx engine swaps and conversions into most vehicles (LS1, LS2, LS3 LS6, LS7, LS9, LSA, LQ4, LQ9, etc.)

Performance Services

Performance Tuning

Chassis dyno tuning of Carbureted vehicles: As part of your carburetor tune we will change metering rods, springs, jets and adjust carburetor settings for best drivability, horsepower and fuel mileage. We will also "dial in" the spark curve. This tuning will make sure your engine gets the proper air/fuel mixture and spark timing under a variety of conditions. 

Chassis dyno tuning of EFI: Performance expertise with GM LSx EFI engines & aftermarket EFI applications: (call for details). We will custom modify your PCM spark & fuel settings as needed for the best possible drivability, horsepower and fuel mileage. This tuning will ensure your engine gets the proper air/fuel mixture and spark timing under all conditions. Let us help you get all of the horsepower, fuel mileage and enjoyment you want and deserve!


​“Classic nostalgic looks with the reliability of today’s modern automobiles”

Drivetrain repairs/rebuilds including engine transmission, differential, suspension, steering, brakes, electrical systems, interior trim, etc.