Open House


2014 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Challenge

17725 SW Pacific Highway Tualatin OR 97062 US

Trying out the new Dyno with Steve's 2007 Z06

Driver radio quotes from Lucky Dog Race at PIR:

Craig: "I feel like doing a burnout right now, that was so awesome!"

Doug: "Just out here for a little Sunday drive."

Brian: "Feels like the wheels are coming off!" (they were)

Terry: "                                                           " (silence is golden)

Steve: "People are being super aggressive out here. But not me of course, I'm just a pussycat."


 Open House

2015 Cruisin' Sherwood

1950 Chevy Suburban.  PDX Wraps did a fantastic job on the logo.  This will be a great shop vehicle when all the modifications are complete

Thanskgiving Holiday Hours

November 23rd - Closed

November 24th - Closed

Saturday & Sunday - Closed

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One Warm Coat

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October 2017 - March 2018

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The Transition Project in Portland.

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Steve showing his Mom how a Dyno is done.

​Building a race car


 Open House

 Screaming Chicken Race Team